Canine Bowen During Covid-19

As we all know by now, Covid-19 is still the big concern for most of the population. But after 5 months of lockdown, a lot of people are starting to see problems cropping up. Whether it’s stiffness from not exercising as much as you should, or anxiety and headaches, lockdown has been tough on us all.

But it’s also been tough on our furry friends. During lockdown some dogs haven’t been getting the level of exercise they are used to, and the significant change in environment and lifestyle with you at home all the time has been very stressful, and difficult for many dogs to adjust to. This means higher levels of stress and anxiety, which can lead to hyperactivity or more ‘neediness’ in your dog, along with more instances of depression for dogs that are used to socialising and having fun with people and dogs. If your dog has been struggling with lockdown as much as you, then now might be the time to book them in for some Canine Bowen Therapy.

Why Bowen Is Still Important For Your Dog

We’ve been in lockdown for a very significant amount of time now, and that’s started to cause issues for many pets across the country. Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and stress in dogs can manifest in all sorts of different ways, making life difficult for your dog and for you.

Canine Bowen techniques offer a lot of different benefits for your dog, including:

  • Boost the body’s natural repair responses for injuries picked up during lockdown
  • Relaxation of built-up stress and trauma
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress, and the behaviours that come with it
  • Improve mood and reduce depression
  • Improve energy

Because canine Bowen techniques are gentle the sessions won’t add any stress to the dog, and instead works to calm the dog, boost the natural healing process and provide some mental and emotional support during a stressful time for them. I’m already seeing a lot of new interest in canine Bowen as a way to support furry friends through lockdown, and I’m really glad to be able to offer my help at this stage.

The Precautions We’re Taking

As with any business reopening during Covid-19, there are a lot of guidelines for me to follow. In my case, I’m currently not offering any human therapies at all, as this comes with significant risks, and I want to make sure everyone stays safe during this difficult time. Instead, I am focussing on the canine therapies, since there is no evidence of Covid-19 affecting or being transmitted on animals. I am also taking the following precautions:

  • Where possible, all appointments will be held outdoors, either at your own home or my clinic.
  • Social distancing will be maintained with owners at all times, and contact with physical objects will be minimised.
  • Appropriate protective equipment, like masks and gloves, will be worn at all times and changed in-between appointments.
  • Handwashing facilities will be available.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 is asked to let me know before the appointment. This way we can discuss if there is a safe way for me to work on your dog without coming into contact with you, or whether we need to reschedule your appointment for another time.

If you would like to find out more about canine Bowen therapies and how it all works, to book your dog in for a consultation, I would be happy to help. Just get in touch with me today, and we will discuss the best way to move forward so that you and your pet can be happy and healthy now and in the future.