Do you have a question about Bowen for yourself, or your furry friend? I would love to hear from you! Get it touch using the details below to have a chat, or to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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For my Canine clients I cover a 20 mile radius from Fleet, Hampshire. I will travel further, but mileage cost may incur.

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Do you have a question?

Fuhrbowen Hand Blue 01x 100 How Many Sessions Will My Dog Need?

The number of sessions needed tends to vary between each dog, and depend on it’s health and any pre-existing conditions we need to take into account. As a baseline we recommend the same approach as humans, which is an initial course of 2-3 sessions done at weekly intervals. For some dogs this may be all they need, while others might need more support. If you fill out a consultation form I should be able to give you a better idea of your dog’s needs, and how we can help.

Fuhrbowen Hand Blue 01x 100 How Does Bowen Work?

Bowen technique is a sequence of small movements at varying pressures, applied to specific areas of the body. By stimulating these areas, your body is encouraged to heal in a more efficient way, and can provide relief from all sorts of ailments. It’s done over light clothes, and doesn’t involve any bone cracking or heavy manipulation. Much gentler, and more relaxing!

Find out more about that here.

Fuhrbowen Hand Blue 01x 100 Will I See Results Straight Away?

Probably not. While a Bowen technique session can leave you feeling drained, or a little looser, you wont really feel the effects of it until a few days or even a week later. Bowen is designed to encourage the body to heal itself, not to be the magic cure, and your body needs time to do that. It’s a more long-term approach – you’re giving your body time to heal better, rather than trying to make it immediately feel better.

Fuhrbowen Hand Blue 01x 100 Can You Use Bowen On Other Animals Too?

Yes. While Bowen can be done on horses as well as dogs and other animals, I am not currently trained or qualified to practice Bowen on horses. It’s just people and dogs for me!