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Hi! I’m Samantha, although most people call me Samia. I’ve been practicing Bowen Technique since 2018, and working with dogs specifically since 2019.

I first discovered Bowen when I needed some help myself. I’ve suffered with scoliosis since I was a teenager, which has always caused a lot of issues with pain in my shoulders and back. After many years of struggling I just didn’t want it to get any worse, and a friend recommend I try Bowen Technique, and it was like a lightbulb moment. From the first session I felt relief, and I still have regular treatments to this day.

Then one day I was chatting with my Bowen Practitioner about the practice, and she mentioned canine and equine Bowen. I was intrigued. I’ve always loved working with animals, and even trained in it, but didn’t quite know what I wanted to do with it. Bowen gave me the chance to not only bring relief to people, but to their furry four-legged companions as well. Canine Bowen Technique is where my heart lies, and I love working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Member of the C.B.T.A

I am a fully qualified member of the Canine Bowen Technique Association, meaning I have been trained, accredited and approved to practice Bowen techniques on dogs. Their philosophy includes listening and working in partnership with the dog, never force treatment on a dog, and work in collaboration with vets in the best interests of the dog – something that as a dog owner I take to heart!.

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Meet Gizmo & Becky

Part of my reason for choosing Canine Bowen as a speciality is my own two dogs, Gizmo and Becky.

Gizmo is our 6 year old black Labrador, full of energy and an absolute lunatic both in and out of the house. She loves doing sniffer work, and we are currently doing a lot of scent work in the garden in between learning lots of new tricks. She unfortunately suffers from bilateral hip dysplasia, which Bowen has helped hugely with – but that doesn’t stop her zooming around the garden when she sees a squirrel!

Becky is an older girl, turning 10 this year. Our loyal golden retriever, she’s much happier lying on the sofa and having a cuddle, watching Gizmo run around. While she does have her mad moments, she’s partially blind and not great at learning new things. But she’s calm and loving, and great if you just want a warm snuggle after a long day.

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Learn More About Bowen

Bowen is something I have been passionate about for a long time now, and I want to share as much knowledge and awareness with you as I can. So if you want to learn more about the specifics of Bowen, a bit about the techniques I practice and see some cute pictures of dogs, you can hop on over to my journal. I promise it’s an entertaining read!

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