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What Is Bowen Technique?

Pioneered by Thomas Bowen in the 1950s. Bowen Technique is all about promoting natural healing within the body. It’s a hands-on technique, using sequences of small moves at varying pressures to encourage the body to respond and realign itself. So no hard manipulation, cracking of joints, massaging with oils, or poking with needles. Instead, Bowen focuses on gentle motions of the fascia – the tissue that connects our entire body – and the dermatomes (area of skin including a single spinal nerve) . By gently manipulating this tissue, you start a dialogue between the brain and the body’s systems so that the body can heal itself.

But Bowen isn’t just for humans. It’s also been very successfully adapted for animals, including dogs. Canine Bowen adapted from human Bowen techniques in 2001 by Sally and Ron Askew, who wanted to integrate it into their dog behavioural and rehabilitation work. In Canine Bowen technique, I apply gentle rolling movements over soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, facia and skin, interspersed with short breaks to allow the dog’s body to absorb the work and begin the process of rebalancing and repairing, helping promote natural healing. For Canine Bowen, I only work in collaboration with vets to ensure the health and wellbeing of your dog, so please consult your vet before getting in touch.

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My Services

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Bowen for humans

Bowen Therapy For Humans

Gentle therapies designed to support your body in natural healing and realignment. It takes around 30 days for your body to realign and stay in a new posture, so I recommend a course of 3 sessions to get started, with at least 5-10 days between each session to help you see the best results. 

Adults (over 19) = £125
Students (16-19) = £80
Children (under 16) = £65
maintenance bowen package

Maintenance Bowen Therapy For Humans

A top up after your initial 3 Bowen sessions, perfect for people suffering from conditions that can’t be cured, or re-injury. Once you’ve had your first 3 sessions, come back for regular top-ups to make sure everything is still working, address any new areas of concern you have and rebalance your body.

Adults (over 19) = £45
Students (16-19) = £30
Children (under 16) = £25
Bowen for mother and baby

Bowen Therapy For Mothers & Baby

Birth might be amazing, but it’s also quite a traumatic experience for both mother and babies’ bodies. Bowen techniques can be used throughout pregnancy and after birth to prevent injury, support healing and easing trauma after birth. It’s also great for babies suffering with colic or reflux!

1:1 Treatment = P.O.A
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Bowen Technique For Canines

Did you know that Bowen isn’t just for people? Your four-legged friends can also benefit from a natural rebalance, encouraging their body to repair and heal itself so that they can be at their best, energetic selves. Our sessions are split into puppies and older dogs, and are completely tailored to your dog’s personality and needs. Bowen is ever forced on a dog, and all of our sessions aim to promote relaxation. (A session is up to 1hr and I’m happy to see up to 3 dogs in one session for an extra £20 a dog.)

Adult Dog (over 1 year) = £45
Puppy (under 1 year) = £30
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Did You Know?

I can also offer Fascia Bowen, which is an even gentler form of Bowen. Done only at the superficial facia level, I use the flats of my hands to move the skin, instead of the rolling motions of traditional Bowen. This treatment is great for people struggling with things like Fibromyalgia, EDS or anything that makes them very sensitive to touch. Superficial facia is important, as it plays a major role in muscle coordination, postural alignment and the overall structure and function of your body. By using Fascia Bowen, I can help relax the facia, improving posture and mobility and even softening scar tissue, all without harsh mobilization or stretching.

It's like nothing you will have experienced before.

"So amazing that even the tiniest, lightest touch in the right place can have such a big effect on your body. It's like nothing you will have experienced before."

- Grace-Cliff Garvey

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Benefits of Bowen for Humans

The human body is an amazing thing, and can do extraordinary things if you let it – including healing itself. Bowen techniques are all about kickstarting that healing process, and giving the body the relaxation and boost it needs to focus and repair efficiently. Because Bowen facilitates the body’s natural healing abilities, it can help with a lot of different issues. Problems commonly seen in sessions include:

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Benefits of Bowen for Canines

Canine Bowen technique aims to promote and support the body’s own powers of self-healing, helping channel the dog’s own resources so that it can determine how to best heal itself. It’s not a new technique either – it’s been used for many years to support dogs in a number of problem areas, including:

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